Milk & Alternatives

  • Alpro Roasted Almond Unsweetened

    Alpro Roasted Almond Unsweetened

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    How nutty will you go?
    Add the pure taste of almond to your day, in your breakfast or on its own as a tasty snack. Smooth, creamy and totally nutty!
    Source of vitamin E, which is an antioxidant. Vitamin E contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.
    Pure roasted taste, Enjoy plant power, 100% plant-based, Easy to digest as naturally lactose free, Naturally low in fat, Antioxidant vit. E, Low in calories + calcium & vit B2, B12, D, Free from dairy and gluten, Free from colours and flavours, Suitable for vegans
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  • Oatly Barista 1ltr

    Oatly Drink Barista Edition 1ltr

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    So you are a barista? Perfect. This carton of barista edition oat drink is based on liquid oats which means it isn’t overly sweet or excessively heavy. What it is, is fully foamable putting you in total control over the density and performance of your foam so you can showcase your latte art skillz, sorry we mean skills.

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