Baba Long Life Cream

Baba Long Life Cream

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The Rum Baba is back and more popular than ever. Demand for the sponge soaked in rum flavoured syrup is growing by the day. The Rum Baba with long life cream is perfect on it’s own or with a scoop of ice-cream. The must have classic.

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Baba {wheat flour, egg, margarine (non- hydrogenated veg oil, (palm, rapeseed (water), water, sugar, milk powder (whey powder, soya flour, dextrose) yeast, salt,} sugar syrup, jam (sugar, glucose syrup, apricots, gelling agent: pectin, acidity regulators: E330, E331, flavouring, jelbri (water, sugar, glucose syrup, fructose, gelling agents E440, E407, citric acid), rum flavour}, cherries {cherries, sugar, citric acid, Preservative E220, colour E127}, cream {veg oil (palm, rapeseed) sugar, water, glucose, milk proteins, emulsifiers E475, E471, E435, E322, humectant (E420), flavouring, stabilizer, E460, E466, E461, E464, acidity regulators E331, E339, salt, flavouring, colour E160a}


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