CanO Water Still Spring Water Resealable Can 330ml

CanO Water Still Spring Water Resealable Can 330ml

CanO Water Still Spring Water Resealable Can 330ml

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Sealed from light and air, CanO Water stays cool and fresh.
Did you know the aluminium can has the highest recycling rate of any beverage packaging on the market? That’s why we went against the grain and developed CanO Water. Our sleek Still & Sparkling cans of Natural Spring Water are also topped with a very clever resealable lid.
CanO Water’s environmentally-friendly antidote to plastic and glass bottles, burst onto the scene with the intention of changing the way we consume water. Highly sustainable, recyclable  and resealable, our cans (made of up to 70% recycled material) are filled with Still or Sparkling Natural Spring Water (pH 7.9), sourced directly from the foothills of the Austrian Alps.
Don’t worry our smart lid doesn’t effect the recyclability of the can, just throw the can in the green bin once finished!
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Additional information

Weight 4.65 kg
Dimensions 35 × 23.5 × 15 cm
Case Size

24 x 330ml

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sodium 4,50, magnesium 15,64, calcium 37,13, chloride 0,85, sulfate 9,90, bicarbonate 195,50, m-silica 38,00, nitrates 0,60, Total dissolved solids 302,12, pH Level 7.9


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