Innocent Juice Shots Blazing Greens 100ml

Innocent Juice Shots Blazing Greens 100ml

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We know what you’re thinking. Actually, we probably don’t. But we reckon there’s a good chance you might be wondering what a shot with jalapeño tastes like. Or who had the bright idea to put it into this drink. Or you might not be thinking much at all – in which case, this shot might be just the thing you need. A tasty blend of jalapeño, matcha, apple and cucumber with vitamins, it helps keep your brain ticking along nicely. Good thinking

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6 x 100ml

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Apple (37%), cucumber (12%), jalapeno pepper puree (2%), matcha infusion (0.11%), kiwi puree, lemon juice, pineapple juice, spinach puree, ginger, spirulina extract, vitamins B2 & B12 & safflower extract


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