Innocent Super Smoothie Invigorate 300ml

Innocent Super Smoothie Invigorate 300ml

Innocent Super Smoothie Invigorate 300ml

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How does anyone really get invigorated?  Getting pummelled by a waterfall in your pants? Walking across a frozen lake barefoot? Or drinking this super smoothie, made from a blend of kiwi, cucumber, apple, matcha & flax seeds and boosted with vitamins?  Six vitamins, to be exact. We know which way we’d prefer to get our invigoration. And it’s not the inappropriate waterfall one.

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1½ pressed apples (61%), 8 pressed white grapes (10%), ¼ of crushed mango, ¼ of crushed kiwi (6.1%), a piece of crushed cucumber (1.5%), a dash of matcha green tea infusion (0.05%), a squeeze of lime juice (0.21%), some milled flax seeds (0.39%), ½ a mashed banana, a dash of spirulina extract, some vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6, C & E) & a dash of Safflower extract


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