Innocent Super Smoothie Recharge 300ml

Innocent Super Smoothie Recharge 300ml

Innocent Super Smoothie Recharge 300ml

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Chargers. They’re fiddly little things. All those different shapes, all those sizes, and none of them seem to match. And they get even fiddlier when you try to take them abroad. Thankfully, this super smoothie can help recharge your body’s batteries without any need for plugs, wires or travel adaptors. Welcome to the fruiture.

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8 x 300ml

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2 pressed apples (69%), 1 squeezed mandarin (15%), a chunk of pressed carrot (4.5%), a dash of ginger infusion (0.37%), some milled flax seeds (0.07%), ¼ of a mashed banana, some vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6, C & E), a squeeze of lemon, some crushed peach & a dash of safflower extract


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